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More than half of all small businesses in the UK do not have any type of business protection insurance in place. For a small minority, this will be a conscious decision: they may have looked at the particular risks they faced, priced up the insurance products available and decided that – for now – this is not for them. However, most small business owners either haven’t considered the potential risks of an owner or partner falling critically ill or dying, or have assumed there is little that they can do about it – and this could be a major oversight. If this sounds like you, maybe now is the time to take a moment and read this guide.

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    EASY TO USE: This guide is short, concise, with the subject explained in terms you can easily understand.
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    TOP TIPS: Presents you with little or no cost solutions you can apply to your business immediately.

This guide will teach you:


Understanding the risks

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Paying off debts

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The value of a key employee

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Protecting the ownership of your business

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How your business can protect your family

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FREE Rough Guide Reveals...

Our Partners, Legal & General and Rough Guides have teamed up to help raise awareness of a subject that many small businesses have never considered. Rough Guides is well known for its comprehensive guides to off-the-beaten-trackplaces that help you find your way around foreign parts. In this guide we are trying to do the very same thing, slightly less exotic I would agree, but we want to let business owners know some of the facts which could make their business better prepared for its journey. We want to convert you from not knowing what you don’t know into knowing what you need to know, and then it’s up to you if you want to do anything about it.!

What others are saying about this guide:

This guide was a real eye-opener!

Being a small business, I really hadn't considered the risks and impact my business going south for whatever reason, would have on my family. This guide was a real eye-opener and helped me take the precautions to protect me and my family, should the something happen.

Tommy Bryant  //  Window Cleaner

I know I have to take action and which actions to take.

We don't like to think about bad things happening, often never thinking they will happen. If one of my business partners passed away, I had never considered the impact or implications that would have on my life. After reading this Business Protection guide, I know I have to take action and which actions to take.

Craig Nichol  //  Coffee Shop Owner & Property Developer

Thank-you for introducing me to this guide

I cannot stress the importance of the information in this guide. I really appreciate Smarter Life for introducing it to me, thank-you!

TIMOTHY MILLER  //  Business Analyst


With the right knowledge you can make the right strategic decisions. It's time to take action now and download the Rough Guide to Business Protection!

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